Dyna Tech 2012 and VanPaz at Hacking Health Leiden


From May 20th to 22nd, our Dyna Tech 2012 team, along with one of the first prototypes of Hookie, traveled to Leiden, Holland, where the Hacking Health Leiden event was held: an intense 3-day work event and workshops with the objective of collaboratively develop innovative solutions in the health and therapeutic sector.

During the event, Dyna Tech 2012 and VanPaz formed a team (“Beautiful Minds”) to present ideas and develop the business model of an affordable robot for autistic children of high capacities.

After 3 intense days of work, the Secretary General of the Dutch Ministry of Health, Erik Gerritsen and Luc Sirois, founder of Hacking Health, gave us the prize for the 3rd best project of the event.